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What makes the Aish Thornhill Community Shul so special?

What is the atmosphere at the TCS?

The spirit and atmosphere of any Shul is determined by the personality, direction and teachings of the Rabbi leading it. Unquestionably, that is the case with our Shul.

If there is anything that our Rabbi, Avram Rothman stands for it is the fundamental belief that the Torah requires us to treat others with respect, care, love and understanding.

Certainly, he often teaches, “the observance of Mitzvoth, such as Shabbat, Kashrut and the like are foundations of Jewish life, but I believe that you would expect me to say so, what we all need to hear again and again, is the importance of treating each other with dignity, respect and compassion. It is those traits and actions that build a strong Torah based community filled with people there to assist each other.”

Rabbi Rothman regularly teaches the significance of family & community. In today's world, where it is so easy to connect virtually, it is harder and harder to connect personally. Rabbi Rothman stresses the importance of building a caring, united community that is both "close knit" and very welcoming to visitors, guests and new members.

Not what you would expect!

This belief is the raison d’être of our Shul and community. Under the rabbi’s leadership, a strong, tightly knit, caring community has developed. Yet, as close as the members of the community are, it is a wonderfully welcoming, accepting and open group always inviting new people, welcoming those who come for a visit (or longer) and doing it with a smile.

Another significant belief of the Shul is that different people practice differently. Within the broad approach of the Torah, it is necessary for a community to welcome and celebrate diversity, rather than demanding uniformity. Therefore, one will find speakers, classes and leaders living and presenting different approaches to Torah within the framework of Halacha, allowing community members to express themselves, learn and respect the many parts of the prism we call a Torah life.

Does the Shul have classes at different levels?

As community is the foundation of the Shul, personal growth and enrichment are certainly stressed. The Shul’s Learning Centre is the jewel in the crown of our Shul. With anywhere from forty to eighty classes offered each week, one can participate and learn at virtually any level.

From introductory classes, as “The Crash Course on Judaism” to “Answering Questions/Questioning Answers” or Hebrew classes to advanced Gemara, Shulchan Orach or Rambam- there are numerous classes for people of all backgrounds and proficiency.


Who goes to the ATCS?

As a part of Aish HaTorah, the Thornhill Community Shul pursues the core values that is the heart of the movement. Care for all Jews, learning Torah, spiritual growth are among the basic concepts that the Shul lives by. The mission set forth by Rabbi Noah Weinberg and is the inspiration behind our efforts and a guidepost for our success.

The ATCS is a vibrant, growing Shul and community, a community comprised of people from all backgrounds and level of religious observance. The membership boasts a significantly large percentage of families under the age of thirty and at the same time a strong group of more senior members who continue to grow and expand. However, in the end, it is the warmth, friendliness and inclusive spirit that make the Shul the popular, exciting and expanding place it is.

What makes the TCS so special?


Come by for a visit or make us your home, either way, you are a part of the community- why not make the most of it?

No need to wait- call the Shul at 905.764.1891 or write: anytime.



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