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By Women For Women

The Women's Program Initiative at the ATCS will be run under the new By Women for Women (BWFW) Committee and have three segments

The first will be geared to all the women of the ATCS bringing them inspiring, educational and fun events. The second is a Together segment. This will be a group of ATCS women and Momentum (formerly called JWRP) alumni from the ATCS trips. Together they will participate in the programs run by the BWFW committee for a year; finishing with a curated trip to Israel. The third segment is the Momentum Program, for non observant moms in our neighbourhood, which culminates in their flagship trip to Israel.

Over a four year period, trips will run alternately, each with approximately ten to twelve women, that include both pre and post events geared towards building strong relationships between the women and their families with the shul while guiding and enriching each on their own Jewish journey. In doing so, unity will be built between the women of the shul and the wider community.

While being motivated and invested in the success of this program this new “sisterhood” will be actively engaged in many aspects of our shul, creating a new base of leaders and fundraisers. This is something that to date has not been done before; making the ATCS a trailblazer in providing and combining outreach and in-reach programming for its community.

  • INREACH: To provide all the women of the ATCS with inspiring, educational and fun programs that they are invested in, help organize, promote, execute and of course participate in..
  • EXTEND: For those interested there will be a culminating, curated trip to Israel with scholarships offered, on an as available basis, for commitments to a year of continued learning upon return. An interview and acceptance process will be a part of receiving a scholarship.
  • BRIDGE: To build connections between past participants of Momentum trips run by the ATCS and ATCS families by including them in all of the above; thereby making it a “Together Trip”
  • OUTREACH: To run a Momentum trip for qualified mom’s in the neighborhood, which includes their commitment to attending the entire “Year of Growth” upon return
  • ACTIVATE LEADERSHIP: To cultivate the skills in potential future leaders through engagement in all aspects programming; this will also lead to a new core team to work with the BWFW Committee
  • GROWTH & CONNECTION: To fulfill the mission of the ATCS by providing opportunities for the women of the shul to continue their journeys .


Geared to all women of the Shul, the Community, their Family & Friends Engage, Inspire, Learn and Grow

Rosh Chodesh Events

Guest Speakers

ATCS Seminary

Foundation Circles Course

Art & Soul for the Jewish Woman

Monthly Challah Club


Social Events


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Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784