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What is the Ginzburg Learning Centre?

The Ginzburg Family Learning Centre dedicated in memory of Baruch Reuven & Kuna Menucha by their children & grand-children.

This Learning Centre, dedicated by the Ginzburg family, in memory of their parents, has been carefully developed to assist the student in following a path that will expose and educate him or her to the broad scope of Torah.

The introductory student will find classes on how to read and understand the Hebrew language, introduction to prayer and the Siddur, the scope of Jewish life-cycle events & methods of applying the Torah to our modern  life.

The intermediate student will be introduced to textual study, delve into application of Jewish law & understand the importance of Jewish activism.

The more advanced student will be given the opportunity to study original texts from Talmud to Halacha, continuation of studies in philosophy and further understanding of how Judaism speaks to us today.

All students will be introduced to such important concepts as Jewish marriage, Torah lessons on raising children, business ethics and the importance of assuming responsibility to make the world a better place.

Rabbi Avram Rothman, the spiritual leader of the Aish Thornhill Community Shul & developer of the Learning Centre, is available to assist students in organizing a personally tailored schedule of classes to facilitate steady, consistent growth. He is readily available to assist every student in making the most of their time to grow, learn & develop.

Look further into the Learning Centre, seize this opportunity to advance your Jewish knowledge, understanding and grow in ways you may never have anticipated. Come by for a class and begin your journey, the journey that the Jewish people have traveled for over three thousand years, but is as fresh and pertinent to us today as it was at the dawn of the modern era.

List of Classes & Times

Monday Classes

 6:00 AM

 Join Rabbi Mordechai Cohen from Monday through Thursday for his early morning class on Mishna.    Grab a coffee & join the guys for a thorough understanding of the Mishna and then stay for Shacharit.

 7:30 AM

 Be a part of Rabbi Shlomi Schwartz‘s popular class on the Mishna Torah of the Rambam. A great way to  start the day! Monday to Friday weekly.

7:30 PM

Rabbi Mordechai Cohen makes Jewish law understandable and thoroughly interesting. Men & Women are welcome to this class.


Tuesday Classes

6:00 AM

Join Rabbi Mordechai Cohen from Monday through Thursday for his early morning class on Mishna. Grab a coffee & join the guys for a thorough understanding of the Mishna and then stay for Shacharit.

 7:30 AM

 Be a part of Rabbi Shlomi Schwartz‘s popular class on the Mishna Torah of the Rambam. A great way  to start the day! Monday to Friday weekly.

 8:00 PM

 A very special women’s class by renown teacher Ora Ziring. For women, by women: An in-depth, text  based class that will educate and inspire all women from novice learners to scholars. Women are invited    to participate in this class regardless of their previous experience in text-based study. Take a look at the  flyer for additional information. This class is a part of the Shulamit Mirlas Memorial Women's Programme.

 Wednesday Classes

 6:00 AM

 Join Rabbi Mordechai Cohen from Monday through Thursday for his early morning class on Mishna.   Grab a coffee & join the guys for a thorough understanding of the Mishna and then stay for Shacharit.

 7:30 AM

 Be a part of Rabbi Shlomi Schwartz‘s popular class on the Mishna Torah of the Rambam. A great way  to start the day! Monday to Friday weekly.

10:00 AM

All women are invited to hear Rabbi Avram Rothman weave insights into the weekly Parsha each week. With an eye towards applying the Torah’s message to us today, Practical Parsha is an inspiring vehicle for women to hear and discuss what the Torah is saying to us in 2017. For those unable to attend, join all those whom watch the presentation on Facebook Live.

Thursday Classes

 8:00 PM 

 Answering Questions/Questions Answers deals with issues as fundamental as racism, sexism, belief in  God, who wrote the Torah, what does the Torah say about intimacy & other important topics.

 Shabbat Classes

 8:15 AM


 Join the Rabbi of the TCS, Rabbi Rothman, as he explains the hidden meaning and depth behind  Midrash. On first look, Midrash appears to state absurdities and impossibilities. However, with the  understanding that they are ethical teachings written in ancient Rabbinic codes, the student is introduced  to many of the hidden ideas found “between the lines” of the Torah. This class concludes with the start of  the main 8:45 a.m. Service.

 9:30 AM


 Following the early “Hashkama Minyan”, Rabbi Dr Moshe Yeres presents a thought provoking & deeply  profound class on a topical issue of controversy. The class, served with a hot kiddush, is a unique way to  better understand the more perplexing & overlooked concepts of Jewish life.

 10:15 AM

 Now the TCS begins its famous Shabbat morning classes with three options. Designed for those who  have already attended an earlier service or who find the length of the service difficult to work through, the  following classes will educate & inspire all students.


 Jonathan Sherrington-An exploration of the Siddur, revealing many of the deeper meanings found in the  prayers and an explanation of how, why and when we pray. A must for the new student desiring to better  understand how to pray and what it is all about.


 Dr Michael Kirzner- Explaining some of the ethical ideas  found in the weekly Torah reading, this class will  introduce and expose the student to some of the real  depth behind the reading each  week.


 Fred Silver-This class, designed for the person already finished with their personal prayer service, to  discuss deeper ideas on some of Judaism;s most perplexing issues. From free will, to finding happiness,  this class will discuss it.

 11:25 A.M

 With the conclusion of all prayer services, we renew ourselves by utilizing the learning centre. Offering  eight different classes, the student can choose from introductory level discussions to hand-on Talmud  study. These classes are open to everyone concluding with a community-wide kiddush.


 Dr Michael Kirzner- Understanding who I am and what is expected of me, are questions that challenge  people of all cultures & backgrounds. This class, based on the lectures of Rabbi Noah Weinberg, will give  the student a better understanding of who they are, where they are going & why.


 Rabbi Avram Rothman brings a question and case study to explore. Sure, it may be legal, but is it ethical,  deals with questions that we all come across, but usually do not take the time or have the tools to fully  absorb.

 3. Parsha Parenting

 Dr Mati Rothman brings the Torah's view on parenting from the weekly Parsha. Join him for insights that  will surprise you by how timely they are and how specifically the Torah speaks to us all. 


 Rabbi Mitch Mandel– Join a group of men as they gather together to learn and discuss various topics of  Jewish thought. With a light kiddush, this class gives the opportunity to the participants to express  themselves and learn. Dr Motti Rothman & Reb Stuart Haber join Rabbi Mandel for this special class.


 Dr Alex Pister- An advanced, text based class that introduces the  student to the tools needed to further proficiency in Talmud.


 Just for women, this class entails a number of mini-series by  women for women. Spend a few weeks on the six constant  Mitzvot then go on to a myriad of interesting and thought  provoking classes in other pertinent topics.


 Aish Campus students gather to learn, discuss and critique issues of Jewish thought & philosophy.


 Rabbi Yair Spitz mesmerizes alll in attendance with his deep and well developed classes on the weekly  Parsha. One of our most popular classes.


 Dr Martin Levin’s enthusiastic presentations of how the Chassidic leaders view the holidays and seasons  of the year gives the student not only the information, but, as well, the passion found hidden in their  writings.

 Shabbat Afternoon Classes are on hiatus during the winter months. However, the community is welcome  to attend our Seudat Shlishit program & class ten minutes before sunset on Shabbat afternoon.

Sun, February 25 2024 16 Adar I 5784